New Bollywood Movies 2011

New Bollywood movies 2011 come in many different forms, but there are just a few that seem to stand out above the rest. For those who enjoy these movies, here are just a few have topped the ratings over the past year:

  • Hostel has received a lot of praise since its release at the beginning of 2011. The eye-opener relates to what really happens within Indian Hostels and for those who don’t know, this movie is highly recommendable.
  • Out in February of 2011 was Tum Hi To Ho. The story of a wealthy man whose strict uncle is out to control all he has. When the wealthy man finally finds love in a beautiful woman, all is nearly taken away from him when she is involved in a fatal accident. A gripping tale that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.
  • Happy Husbands, released in March 2011 is a fun comedy that tells the story of husbands and their attitude towards life and their personal experience once they are married. It offers light comedy while educating the viewers on what goes on in a man’s mind.
  • For those who are more interested in thrillers, Dum Maaro Dum was released in April 2011 and proved to be one of the best thrillers in Bollywood. What everyone thought was a beautiful and peaceful place turns into a nightmare as lives collide on what was thought to be a glorious day.
  • Love U Mr. Kalakaar is your typical romance, but one that touches your heart. A must see for all who enjoy new Bollywood movies 2011.
  • Released in June 2011, My Husband’s Wife is definitely one of the best drama movies you will ever see. With lots of anticipation, joy and of course sadness, this movie touched many hearts, and thus was voted one of the greatest of all time.
  • For an action packed seat-gripping tale, Singham should be your very first option. Released in July 2011, this movie will surprise you like no other. A very interesting story that you may even want to watch more than once and definitely recommend to your friends.
  • Something you don’t see too often is a Bollywood sci-fi movie. Ra.One makes up for that with excellent effects and a superb storyline that will leave you wanting more. A must see for those who enjoy this type of movie.

There are so many great Bollywood movies out there, most of them receiving very good ratings. The idea of movies is to watch the genres you like best, maybe recommend them to a few people if you enjoyed what you saw, and that’s the end of that. However, if you are someone who likes to watch a movie more than once, especially if it is an exceptionally good one, then the best thing for you to do is purchase your favourite movies online.

Although this initially costs more than hiring the movie you want to see, you know that it is yours once you’ve purchased it and you can watch all the new Bollywood movies 2011 as many times as you like when they are stacked in your very own cupboard at home.

New Bollywood Movies

New Bollywood movies that have been released during 2011 have been quite a hit among those who enjoy this type of movie. Although many new movies have successfully been released this year, we will look at just a few of them:

  • Aarakshan is a popular movie that was released in August 2011. The movie is about an individual whose loyalty and friendship is tested by the Supreme Court in India. Definitely a must see for those who enjoy a good Bollywood movie.
  • Also released in 2011 is Bodyguard. An intense romance where a wealthy nobleman’s daughter falls in love with her bodyguard. Do you tell your family right away, or do you keep it a secret for as long as possible, as long as you get to spend your time with the one you love?
  • Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap is a movie that was released in July 2011 and was definitely a good one, receiving quite a high rating from the public. The movie portrays the personality and temper of a retired hit-man who returns to India to complete his very last job, which proves to be a very interesting one.
  • Released early in 2011, Mumbai Diaries (Dhobi Ghat) is an inspired movie about a newlywed Muslim who also has a passion for creating videos. A well-known painter finds these videos an inspiration for his paintings and the tale sees their paths crossing on numerous occasions. Rated as one of the best new Bollywood movies, if you haven’t seen this one make sure you visit Amazon to purchase it.
  • Delhi Belly is another movie that was released during 2011 and proved to be a success. When three good friends unknowingly stumble into the life of a ruthless gangster, things are about to change for them unless they can get out of the situation.
  • Although yet to be released, Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl is a movie that Bollywood fans can no longer wait for. Hitting the theatres at the end of 2011, this movie shows the tricks and trades of a con artist who makes his money by conning ladies, until one day, he finally meets his match.
  • For those who are more into serious movies that portray war, religious battles and understanding, then Mausam is definitely a movie that should be on your list. With well-known faces like Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Shahid Kapoor, you will not be disappointed.

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Bollywood Movies Online

Bollywood movies online offer you many different options to choose from, with the most convenient way of watching your favorite movies, you are sure to watch many more than you usually do. Many people are now watching movies online rather than hiring than from their nearest videostore, or even buying them. In many cases you can watch these movies online for free too, so why would anyone disagree with that? Movies have always been a part of life for millions of people, but now that it is so easily available, life without movies seem dull and unreasonable.

There is also the option of hiring movies online, and this eliminates the need to go out to the videostore and choose a movie to watch. In other words, this saves you time and money and you get the same result, if not an even better one. The variety of movies that are available for hiring, purchasing or online streaming is just about endless as you can get any type of movie you want. In some cases you don’t even need to download them to get access to them, so no more downloading large images that take up ridiculous amounts of your hard drive space and take hours to download.
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It is not only the movies themselves that offer variety, but also the quality of the movie. You can decide whether you would like to watch the movie in High Definition or not. Although some websites charge an additional amount for viewers to watch movies in HD, it is definitely worth the extra. Bollywood movies online are available to anyone who wishes to make use of the services that so many websites are offering, and as they all work in different ways, what one website requires is not necessarily what another may require.